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Air Conditioning Service in the Rochester Area

At Brogan Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide air conditioning maintenance, repair and replacement, as well as installation of new Lennox HVAC equipment, for residential and commercial clients throughout the Rochester, MN area. We understand that air conditioning malfunctions can happen at any time, and that’s why we offer 24-hour repair service.

How Your Air Conditioning Unit Works

All air conditioning systems operate on the same basic principles and run off either gas or electricity. Natural gas units rely on a furnace to distribute cooled air throughout your home or business. On the other hand, electric cooling systems use an air handler for cool air distribution.

The air conditioning unit that sits outside your building is a condenser. Housed within the condenser are a compressor, condenser coil and large fan. Cool refrigerant pumps to an evaporator coil which is found either in the structure’s furnace or air handler, depending on whether it runs off gas or electricity. The furnace or air handler blower pushes warm air past the cold condenser coil and cools it. Finally, this cool air distributes throughout the building through air ducts.

The evaporator coil absorbs heat and warms the coolant as it moves through. This now-warm refrigerant pumps back outside to the condenser where the large fan cools it. Then the heat escapes into the outdoor air. The cycle repeats itself until indoor air reaches the temperature set on the thermostat.

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Cooling System Maintenance in the Rochester Area

The components of your AC system are interdependent. Over time, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with them. Refrigerant may leak, compressors break down, and air ducts may become contaminated, suffer damage or be too small to effectively deliver cooled air throughout your home of business. Regular maintenance by the professionals at Brogan Heating and Air Conditioning can keep your AC unit operating correctly. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Air Conditioning Repair in the Rochester Area

If you have noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills, or the air coming out of your vents is warmer than it should be, your air conditioning unit may not be functioning at peak efficiency. Chances are your cooling unit will still run, even though its parts may be failing.

For example, a refrigerant leak may cause the evaporator coil inside your building to freeze. Consequently, this could cause serious damage to the coil. Check for leaks around the outdoor condenser and listen for loud noises when your cooling unit starts up. If you have a roof air conditioner, keep an eye out for watermarks on your ceiling. For quick, professional, affordable air conditioning repair, contact Brogan Heating & Air today!

Air Conditioning System Installation or Replacement in the Rochester Area

If your current cooling system is more than 10 years old, or if you have never had AC in your home or business, Brogan Heating & Air can help! A new air conditioning unit is typically integrated with your heating system, sharing ductwork, blowers, temperature controls and more.

For this reason, Brogan prefers to inspect your current heating and cooling system before offering you advice on choosing a unit. With our free in-home consultations, we can offer solid advice on which of your existing components will adapt to new equipment, and which would be more affordable to replace.

We may determine it makes more sense to adapt your existing furnace to a new central air conditioner. On the other hand, you may save a significant amount on parts and labor by installing a new HVAC unit. The final decision is up to you, but you can trust us. Brogan Heating & Air Conditioning are the experts in cooling units Rochester area residents and commercial clients trust. We are an authorized Lennox dealer. Therefore, you have the peace of mind in knowing our comfort system products are held to the highest standards. Contact Brogan Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information!